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"Never Let Your Disability Get In The Way of Achieving Your Dreams"



Oli Pizzey Stratford Tennis Wheelchair

A Brief History of Oli

Oliver sustained a spinal injury level C5/C6 through to T2 during birth. 

The initial outlook for Oliver was very grim. We were told to expect the worst, he was not expected to live.


The neurologist told us early on “children don’t survive the type of severe trauma injury Oliver has, so he is writing the rule book”

Oli has endured and continues to undergo (fingers crossed less often) very invasive and draining (both physically and emotionally) treatment and therapies. Oli attends a range of clinics and sees a diverse range of specialists including, urologists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, respiratory specialists, orthopaedic surgeons, orthotics specialists, paediatricians, physiotherapists, and occupational therapists, GPs etc. We continue with regular therapy visits at home and locally. Thankfully, we are spending much less time at the Royal Children’s Hospital; we have it down to an average of fortnightly visits. We try and do as much of his therapy as we can at home, outside school hours. Oli's motto is pushthru meant to inspire those in times of struggle to pushthru 

Oli Pizzey Stratford Festival

Acting &  Modelling

After starring in ABC ME's

The Legend of Burnout Barry

and modelling for numerous companies such as NBL and Channel 7.

Oli has had a passion to bring people with disabilities onto the screens of people around the country and globe.

In what is a perfect climate for an increase in the representation of people with disabilities.

Oli is extremely excited on what the future holds on screen

To contact Oli about a future or upcoming role, please click the link below to contact Oli's Agent

Sporting Endeavours 

I have always dreamed of representing Australia at the Paralympic Games and I have Paris 2024 firmly in my sights. My plan is to represent Australia in Tennis, and or Athletics 100 and 200 metre sprints and if things get really desperate I’m prepared to play table tennis!

As you can imagine, the costs of training, equipment, rehabilitation and travel costs are high, that's why we need you! Oli likes to say a pair of running shoes cost $250 whereas a tennis chair costs $8000



Please donate and keep checking back for events.

Oli Pizzey Stratford Tennis Wheelchair

Oli Is a Passionate Disability Advocate Providing Motivational Talks for Schools, Businesses and Companies


With Public Speaking opportunities such as ARATA and Source Kids
Oli's Main Subject Was a Solution for Inclusion speaking to over 400 People.

Oli Pizzey Stratford ARATA
Oli Pizzey Stratford Source Kids

Remove the Barrier is a Project in Tandem with Dylan Alcott aimed at Tackling Unconscious Bias, Many People with Disability Face Barriers in the Workplace.

As a Result, the Unemployment Rate for People with a Disability is Twice That of the General Population.

Oli Pizzey Stratford Remove the Barrier

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